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Tennessee Titans (7-10)


Date Player Status
1/7 D. Harris hamstring (Out)
1/7 D. Cole ankle (Questionable)
1/7 K. Fulton groin (Questionable)
1/7 A. Hooker knee (Questionable)
1/7 N. Petit-Frere ankle (Questionable)
1/7 T. Burks groin (Questionable)
1/2 A. Adams knee (IR)
12/29 D. Cole ankle (Out)
12/29 Z. Cunningham elbow (IR)
12/29 B. Dupree pectoral (IR)
12/29 A. Hooker knee (Out)
12/29 N. Petit-Frere ankle (Out)
12/29 J. Simmons ankle (Out)
12/29 R. Tannehill ankle surgery (IR)
12/29 J. Thompson concussion (Out)
12/29 D. Autry biceps (Doubtful)
12/29 K. Fulton groin (Doubtful)
12/29 D. Henry hip (Doubtful)
12/24 D. Cole ankle (Out)
12/24 K. Fulton groin (Out)
12/24 R. Tannehill ankle (Out)
12/24 J. Thompson concussion (Out)
12/24 T. Avery concussion (Questionable)
12/24 A. Brewer rib (Questionable)
12/24 A. Hooker knee (Questionable)
12/24 N. Petit-Frere ankle (Questionable)
12/24 T. Burks concussion (Questionable)
12/22 B. Jones concussion (IR)
12/22 T. Mitchell hamstring (IR)
12/21 D. Radunz knee (IR)
12/18 S. Murphy-Bunting quadriceps (Questionable)
12/18 T. Burks concussion (Out)
12/18 K. Fulton groin (Out)
12/18 D. Autry knee (Out)
12/18 T. Avery concussion (Out)
12/18 A. Hooker knee (Out)
12/17 D. Hilliard neck (IR)
12/11 S. Murphy-Bunting quadriceps (Questionable)
12/11 D. Autry knee (Out)
12/11 T. Avery concussion (Out)
12/11 T. Burks concussion (Out)
12/11 K. Fulton groin (Out)
12/11 H. Haskins hip (Questionable)
12/11 J. Simmons ankle (Questionable)
12/11 T. Tart ankle (Questionable)
12/7 E. Molden groin (IR)
12/5 S. Murphy-Bunting quadricep (Doubtful)
12/5 C. Hollister neck (IR)
12/4 D. Autry knee (Out)
12/4 E. Molden groin (Out)
12/4 J. Simmons ankle (Questionable)
12/4 C. Hollister neck (Out)
12/4 H. Haskins hip (Out)
11/27 R. Bullock right calf (Out)
11/27 K. Fulton hamstring (Questionable)
11/27 B. Jones concussion (Questionable)
11/27 H. Haskins hip (Questionable)
11/24 T. Basham illness (Doubtful)
11/17 R. Bullock calf (Out)
11/17 B. Dupree hip (Out)
11/17 A. Hooker shoulder (Out)
11/17 B. Jones concussion (Out)
11/17 E. Molden groin (Questionable)
11/17 J. Simmons ankle (Questionable)
11/15 C. Farley herniated disc (IR)
11/13 K. Fulton hamstring (Questionable)
11/13 B. Dupree hip (Out)
11/13 A. Hooker shoulder (Out)
11/13 J. Simmons ankle (Out)
11/13 R. Tannehill ankle (Questionable)
11/12 Z. Cunningham elbow (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
11/12 J. Thompson knee (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
11/6 S. Murphy-Bunting quadricep (Questionable)
11/6 T. Carter neck (Out)
11/6 A. Hooker shoulder (Out)
11/6 J. Simmons ankle (Questionable)
11/6 R. Tannehill ankle (Questionable)
11/6 B. Dupree illness (Questionable)
10/30 T. Carter neck (Out)
10/30 J. Simmons ankle (Questionable)
10/30 R. Tannehill ankle, illness (Questionable)
10/30 R. Weaver back (Out)
10/27 S. Murphy-Bunting quadricep (Out)
10/25 K. Philips hamstring (IR)
10/23 Z. Cunningham elbow (Out)
10/23 J. Jones knee (Out)
10/23 T. Carter neck (Out)
10/23 K. Philips hamstring (Questionable)
10/23 S. Murphy-Bunting quadriceps (Out)
10/23 D. Brunskill hamstring (Out)
10/17 O. Adeniyi neck (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
10/16 S. Murphy-Bunting quad (Out)
10/12 J. Ward hamstring (IR)
10/9 O. Adeniyi neck (Out)
10/9 Z. Cunningham elbow (Out)
10/9 B. Dupree hip (Out)
10/9 J. Jones knee (Out)
10/9 A. Hooker concussion (Out)
10/9 C. Farley knee (Questionable)
10/8 T. Burks turf toe (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
10/3 A. Al-Shaair knee (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
10/2 Z. Cunningham elbow (Out)
10/2 A. Hooker concussion (Out)
10/2 O. Adeniyi neck (Questionable)
10/2 K. Philips shoulder (Questionable)
10/2 C. Hollister back (Questionable)
10/2 R. McCreary back (Questionable)
9/25 B. Dupree hip (Out)
9/25 O. Adeniyi neck (Out)
9/25 K. Philips shoulder (Doubtful)
9/25 Z. Cunningham knee (Questionable)
9/25 D. Brunskill hamstring (Out)
9/24 T. Lewan right knee (IR)
9/22 J. Jones triceps (IR)
9/21 T. Cannon right knee (IR)
9/21 C. Jackson undisclosed (IR)
9/19 K. Fulton hamstring (Out)
9/19 D. Hilliard hamstring (Out)
9/19 K. Philips shoulder (Questionable)
9/19 J. Jones elbow (Out)
9/18 D. Brunskill hamstring (Out)
9/17 T. Basham thigh (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
9/13 D. Hand torn quadriceps (IR)
9/13 A. Moore Jr. ankle (IR)
9/11 J. Jones triceps (Out)
9/11 O. Adeniyi neck (Questionable)
9/11 D. Brunskill hamstring (Out)
9/9 E. Molden groin (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
9/9 C. Campbell knee (IR)
9/6 A. Dillard broken forearm (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
9/2 H. Landry III torn ACL (IR)
8/31 T. Hudson undisclosed (IR)
8/31 R. McMath hip (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
8/24 M. Rice Achilles (IR)
8/16 K. Brown undisclosed (IR)
8/10 M. Griffin II undisclosed (IR)
8/4 C. Williamson undisclosed (IR)
8/3 D. Munyer undisclosed (IR)
5/16 J. Carter undisclosed (IR)
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